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Where To Find The Best Cannabis Vape Liquid In The UK?

Cannabis contains over one hundred cannabinoids or active ingredients. CBD being the main medicinal compound, and THC being the psychoactive one. While the latter is associated with feelings of “high”; CBD is known to help with many different health benefits such as relieving anxiety, stress, depression, sleeplessness, chronic pain, and even cancer without causing any mind-altering effects as is the case with THC.

Now, the ratio of CBD and THC varies from plant to plant within the cannabis family. Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC and greater amounts of CBD (and other minor cannabinoids), whereas marijuana contains more THC (around 10-20%) than allowed here in the UK. 

As a result, all the cannabis products in the UK are strictly made using hemp and CBD instead of marijuana and THC.

There are plenty of CBD products available for sale here in the UK that you can choose from depending upon your palate and health goals. 

There are CBD edibles like cannabis chocolate, candies, oils and gummies. And then there are CBD infused drinks. But that’s not it. The cannabis market is quick to notice the difference vaping is making in the cigarettes industry. So, it didn’t take long for CBD manufacturers in the UK to come up with different types of CBD vape oils that you can vape and gain all the health benefits of cannabis. 

That is, cannabis vape liquids or specifically CBD e-liquids here in the UK. While CBD e-liquids are similar to ordinary e-liquids and contain low quantities (upto 10%) of pure CBD, CBD Vape oils are rather strong as they do not contain anything other than pure hemp extracts and natural terpenes for flavouring.

With about 55-65% of pure CBD, it’s the best form of CBD for anxiety as vaping is known to deliver instant effects. That’s because unlike eating or drinking, vaping does not require the content to go through your digestive tract, but is instantly absorbed by the large surface area of our lungs. At the same time it is much healthier for your lungs than smoking. 

With that being said, I’m glad to share with you my favourite cannabis brand here in the UK when it comes to high-quality and legit CBD products. 

Known as Paso, they sell high-grade CBD products including an authentic range of cannabis vape liquid in standard size cartridges that are compatible with most vaping devices with a 510 thread battery. 

At present, Paso has three delicious flavours to choose from- lemon, hemp, and berry. All of them are completely nicotine and THC-free with about 55-65% of CBD making them the strongest and the best CBD vape oil’s in the UK

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