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Resolutions that Med School Applicants Should Make For 2021

Whether you are a college freshman, sophomore, or junior, at the beginning of this year, you can make the right resolutions for your school year and start off your journey on the right foot to making it your goal to gain admission at a med school of your choice. For any further clarifications regarding these matters, feel free to hire a medical school application consultant as well.

However, these insider tips should be great for you to carve your path out and figure out if your dreams of making it to medical school are fair.

The different levels of resolutions to make this year for: 

  • An Undergraduate

If you are a premed student considering hiring a med school application consultant for an easy-going admissions journey, you may want to hold off and accomplish these targets before hiring one. In order to build a strong resume preparing for your application to medical school this year, begin planning out a scape. These tangible steps can benefit your time and keep you in the best position to gain admission affirmatively for when you apply. 

Firstly, think about where you stand in your journey of preparing yourself for admissions and jot down the gaps that remain in the application. See how you are able to fill in those gaps within the coming months and years. 

  • College Freshman 

Just as soon as you get into the second half of your freshman year at college, begin by considering all your majors, and trust to complete your premed course requirements immediately. Also, get involved in some volunteer activities as well as join a research team at your college to strengthen your resume. Plot out a clear timetable for when you will complete each of the tasks under your premed requirements. Start by avoiding all squeezing in of classes, and give yourself the room to develop, understand and retain the information you are taking in. 

Take stock of all your premed courses and complete them. Note down how many are left and see when you could finish them. Make a tentative schedule to work around, leaving enough room for adjustments when there are changes to be made to this schedule. At all costs, do not clump your timetable with many things to do.

Make a list of all the majors you intend to take up and complete a STEM major to give you a competitive edge while applying to med school. 

  • College Sophomore

If you are a sophomore at college, begin by making a resolution to cross the hurdle called – MCAT. If you have prep and testing is done through your undergraduate coursework, then plan out your prep for MCAT. 

Carve out the time frame for you to study for this MCAT test and get your application sorted out. Look out for the long-term course schedules and identify which of these courses will be testing and how much less or more demanding they can be on your schedule.

  • College Junior

By the second half of one’s junior year, one should have completed all of the premed requirements. The resume should have been cultivated, indicating all of your interests in medicine and graduating soon from college, all ready to take on med schools. 

As mentioned above, these are all the resolutions one should make by the beginning of the year 2021, after which one should hire a medical school application consultant. 

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