Profile Maimai Chinese Linkedin Glassdoorlike

Profile Maimai Chinese Linkedin Glassdoorlike

There is no doubt that our world is turning ever more global. This is no different when it comes to the job market, where professionals from all over the world are coming together, searching for the best opportunities. One market that is rapidly developing is the Chinese job market. With a growing economy and the entry of international companies, it is no surprise that many people are looking for job opportunities in the Chinese market. 

This is where Profile Maimai comes in. This Chinese Glassdoor-like website connects employers and job seekers, to give them the best opportunities available. It allows users to access a huge range of jobs postings from thousands of companies, and to search for the best roles – either in China or abroad.

How Profile Maimai Works

Profile Maimai works in the same way as similar websites in the West, such as Glassdoor. Employers can post job descriptions and requirements, and job seekers can search for them. The website allows job seekers to filter their search results by criteria such as location and job type, and view detailed descriptions to decide whether the role is right for them. 

The advantage of using Profile Maimai is that it allows people to access not only Chinese job postings, but also roles from international firms looking to employ Chinese nationals. This can be a great opportunity for those looking to gain experience working abroad. Profile Maimai also allows users to connect with professionals in the same field, and provides access to career advice and resources such as job listing, articles and more.

Benefits of Using Profile Maimai

There are many advantages to using Profile Maimai. These include: 

  • Access to a huge range of job postings, from both Chinese and international companies 
  • The ability to search for roles based on criteria such as location and job type 
  • The ability to view detailed job descriptions and connect with professionals in the same field 
  • Access to career advice and resource, such as articles and job listings 
  • The ability to easily apply for jobs, with a streamlined application process 
  • A secure and user-friendly platform for both employers and job seekers 


Q: What information do I need to create an account on Profile Maimai? 

A: You will need to provide your name, a mobile number and a valid email address. You will also be asked to provide your current location, preferred job type and expected salary. 

Q: How much does it cost to use Profile Maimai? 

A: Profile Maimai is free to use for job seekers. 

Q: Does Profile Maimai connect me with international companies? 

A: Yes, Profile Maimai allows you to access job postings from international companies looking to employ Chinese nationals. 

Q: Is it easy to apply for jobs on Profile Maimai? 

A: Yes, Profile Maimai has a streamlined application process, so it is easy to apply for jobs. 

Q: Does Profile Maimai provide career advice? 

A: Yes, Profile Maimai has a range of career advice and resources such as articles and job listings. 


The following are examples of job postings available on Profile Maimai: 

  • A financial analyst position in Beijing, with a salary up to RMB 15,000/month 
  • An international sales representative in Shanghai, with a salary up to RMB 25,000/month 
  • A software engineer in Shenzhen, with a salary up to RMB 40,000/month
  • An English teacher in Wuhan, with a salary up to RMB 15,000/month 


Profile Maimai is an excellent resource for anyone looking to break into the Chinese job market. With a range of postings and resources, this Chinese Glassdoor-like website provides a wealth of opportunity for job seekers. It is easy to use and the application process is straightforward, making it a great tool for those looking to enter the Chinese job market. 


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