Ghazi Emirates Osman

Ottoman Empire – One Of The Strongest Empire Of Its Times

The empire was named so after Osman I who lead the Ghazi Emirates Osman I was the emperor from whose name, the word Ottoman is derived Osman I extended the frontiers of Ottoman settlement toward the edge of the Byzantine Empire The Ottoman province was developed towards North Africa and Europe. Ottoman Empire history also puts light on the crunch of bureaucratic and effective military structures The crisis descended on the province because of weak ruling by Sultans. The empire remained the super power for a long period of time. But in 1683 the Vienna battle marked the termination of this expansion towards Europe The corruption started increasing at an immense rate after Suleiman’s death and this one of the prominent reasons for the decline of the empire It was very difficult to control the vast empire.

Since the empire could not be extended further the economy went down. The province was dependent on agriculture. The women were mostly shy and introvert. The Ottoman Empire was very strong and united. The religious group called Millets uses to establish various communities in the province. The Ottoman Empire had excellent architecture which is known even today. It was actually a mix of both the Christian and Islamic architectural influences The capital city of Ottoman Empire was Constantinople. Until New Turkey was formed Constantinople was the capital of Ottoman Empire. The history and the Ottoman Empire geography went hand in hand here

Expansion in territories by the victories in war also influenced the geography of land here like any other civilization Bursa city was the heart of Ottoman Empire. The empire was later expanded to Europe. The expansion continued from northwards from Greece to Balkans. In 1371 they captured over Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia. The province was expanded further. The Empire geography further expanded and included almost the entire islands related to Syria, Egypt and Greece soon after the Cairo’s Caliph was defeated Thereafter they took over the state of Palestine and also managed to get over Medina and Mecca

The most dominant Sultan Suleiman conquered Rhodes, Habsburg Empire, Belgrade, Hungary and Vienna. The Sultan was respected even after his death. The down trend of the empire was inevitable which began from the 17th century as they began to fight for Independence. The Ottoman Empire was totally shattered by the 20th century due to unrest among the communities.

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