Look Wallstreetbets Gamestopanastasiowired

Look Wallstreetbets Gamestopanastasiowired


WallStreetBets (WSB) is a community of traders and investors who use Reddit and social media to crowdfund and engage in investment activities. The community was founded in 2012 and has grown to become one of the largest and most influential investing and trading communities on the internet. Recently, WallStreetBets has been the epicenter of a groundbreaking story that has been making headlines around the world. The story involves WallStreetBets, the stock Gamestop, financial news outlet AnastasiaWired and hedge fund Melvin Capital Management.

What is WallStreetBets? 

WallStreetBets is an online discussion forum where members, many of them amateur traders, exchange tips, opinions and risky investments. Unlike stock market professionals, members of WallStreetBets trade to generate profits rather than to build a portfolio; they even encourage short-term returns and often take large financial risks to do so.

What is Gamestop? 

Gamestop is a brick-and-mortar retailer of videogames, consoles, and related products. It is one of the most recognized retail stores in the world and is particularly popular in the United States.

What is AnastasiaWired? 

AnastasiaWired is a financial news outlet that specializes in covering the stock market and financial trends. The outlet was founded to provide accessible and reliable financial news and analysis to traders of all levels.

What is Melvin Capital Management?

Melvin Capital Management is a hedge fund founded in 2014 by Gabe Plotkin, Seth Cohen and David S. Solomon. The firm manages over $8.3 billion in assets and specializes in quantitative and technological trading.

What Happened? 

A few months ago, the shares of the struggling GameStop Company (GME) were trading around $20. Investors like Melvin Capital Management saw this as an opportunity to make profits by short-selling GME’s stock. However, things took an unexpected turn when members of WallStreetBets, enticed by the idea of making a profit, began to buy GME stocks for a fraction of the price Melvin Capital Management was short-selling them at.

AnastasiaWired wrote about the phenomenon and how members of WallStreetBets were driving up the stock’s price. These reports caught the attention of the public and other prospective buyers, which further drove up the price. After a period of remarkable gains, the stock reached its peak price of $483 on 21st of January 2021. 

In essence, WallStreetBets members forced Melvin Capital Management to buy back the stock at very high prices and take massive losses. As a result of their success in driving up the stock price, the value of their investments increased significantly. 

Lessons Learned 

The GameStop saga highlighted the power of crowd-investing in driving up stock prices and demonstrated the disruptive potential of online investing forums. With the rise of online trading platforms, WallStreetBets’ success may be indicative of future trends in stock market investing. It also showed how small individual investors can come together to create economic value and drive large institutional players out of the market.

The GameStop saga also raised some important questions about WallStreetBet’s methods and its impact on the stock market as a whole. In particular, some have argued that the WallStreetBets-driven stock surge encouraged reckless investment and market manipulation, potentially destabilizing the stock market.


Q1. How is WallStreetBets different from traditional stock market investors? 

Answer: WallStreetBets members are mostly amateur traders and seek to generate profits, as opposed to building portfolios. They take greater risks and seek short-term returns to maximize profits. 

Q2. What role did AnastasiaWired play in the GameStop saga? 

Answer: AnastasiaWired reported on the WallStreetBets and respective stock surge, thus drawing attention to the phenomenon and potentially driving more buyers to invest in the stock. 

Q3. What are the potential implications of this story? 

Answer: The WallStreetBets-driven GameStop saga has highlighted the potential disruptive potential of online investing forums and the power of crowd-investing to manipulate stock prices. It has also raised important questions about the implications of WallStreetBets’ actions for the stock market as a whole. 

Related Examples

  1. The Reddit community WallStreetBets recently made headlines when it drove up the stock price of Gamestop (GME). WallStreetBets members saw the undervalued Gamestop stock as an opportunity to make quick profits and began buying the stock in large numbers, causing it to surge. 
  2. WallStreetBets’ success in driving up the stock price of Gamestop forced Melvin Capital Management to buy back the stock at prices much higher than what it had initially short sold it for. This resulted in massive losses for the hedge fund. 
  3. The GameStop stock surge has been closely followed by financial news outlets such as AnastasiaWired, which has provided up-to-date information and analysis on the stock’s performance. This helped to draw further attention to the WallStreetBets-driven stock surge phenomenon. 
  4. The success of WallStreetBets in manipulating the stock price of Gamestop has highlighted the disruptive potential of online investing forums and the power of crowd-investing in driving up stock prices. 

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