Know Why Aussies Favor Ironbark Firewood Throughout the Year.

So far, with all the cheap firewood options in Sydney, Ironbark firewood has successfully proven to stand out as the best. Even if we talk about the preferences of the Aussies, most of them can’t get enough of this multi-purpose wood. Perfectly ideal for combustion heaters, open fireplaces, camping stoves, pizza, and wood-fired ovens, the specific wood logs category has always been in high demand throughout the year. 

Ironbark is the generic name for varieties of wood logs that originate from the Eucalyptus tree. Yes, the tree that has more of a solid and thick bark. Normally, most varieties of the Eucalyptus coriacea shed their dead casing every year. However, the ironbark variant accumulates this dead casing over the tree itself. Following the same, the bark dries out completely, at which moment the tree creates a dark red sap called Kino, which occupies the dried barks. With this intense saturation with Kino, ironbark firewood as the final product becomes ideally fire-resistant. It assures that living tissues of the wood logs are not burned in any situation. So, this is how it prepares itself for the season every consecutive year. 

Additionally, ironbark firewood in Sydney is counted as a high-grade timber as it is quite durable, hard, and strong. It is why it turns out to be the finest wood variant for construction, railway sleepers, and archery bows. Even so, with so many applications, the only thing it lacks is during the nailing and planning process as it has a high density and hardness level. 

As of now, winters are approaching, and the firewood season is at its peak. So you surely would wish to stock up enough firewood in advance for all your purposes. What matters above choosing a quality wood grade for firewood is to choose a reliable supplier around you. For instance, a brand specializing in selling premium Ironbark seasoned for years, with moisture content less than 20%. 

Seasoning! For those unfamiliar with the term, let us share that it is quite important for fire’s enjoyment and safety. Using unseasoned wood long enough will only produce phenols and organic compounds that might build up around your chimney, leading to a fire breakdown or a very smoky room. 

Buying from a certified and sustainable supplier in Sydney is extremely beneficial. If you still wonder how then here is a quick brief to go through. The answer to this question would be that the supplier would have a perfect mix of eco wood varieties, which will let the firewood achieve high heat, burn slowly, and be dense enough. We have to say that Ironbark firewood for sale available in Sydney is genuinely the cream of the crop, which is why the majority of the Aussies prefer to put up stock in advance, during summers. 

So when you are placing orders for your next firewood stack? What is your preferred choice for firewood? Let us know in the comments; we would love to hear from you.

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