Genies 65m Series Dapper Labs

Genies 65m Series Dapper Labs


Welcome to Dapper Labs’ Genies 65m series, the first-ever virtual world that offers users multiple ways to express and unlock their inner creativity. Combining the best of digital and physical worlds, the Genies series brings together creatures, gaming, and stories to create an immersive experience. With a wide variety of options and activities, users of all ages will find something that speaks to them and help them get creative with digital fashion, art projects, and even their own customizable avatars. From the comfort of your home, express yourself and explore the wonderful world of the Genies 65m series.

What is Genies 65m?

Genies 65m is a virtual world developed by Dapper Labs for those seeking creative alternatives to conventional formats. From customizing avatars and stories to playing games and unlocking new collectibles, it offers endless possibilities for self-expression and exploration. The 65m series contains 8 different worlds – each with their own theme – that you can play with, customize, and explore. It also allows for seamless integration with physical products, allowing you to create lasting memories with your Genies. 

Avatar Creation

Creating your own avatar is a key part of the Genies 65m experience. By using the avatar creator, you can create and customize your own version of a Genie – a 3D, customizable character that you can make your own. You can use sliders and options to control the facial features, skin color, and hairstyle of your avatar, as well as their clothing and accessories. You can even upload your own images and apply them to your avatar’s features. 

Game Play

Once you have created your avatar, it’s time to explore the Genies 65m worlds. You can play games and activities that allow you to unlock new items, as well as customize your avatar in different ways. For example, you can use the Puzzle game to unlock new pieces of clothing and accessories. You can also play games such as the Avatar Race and Fire Escape, which grant you access to new worlds and items.


The 65m series also allows for storytelling with your avatar. You can create a unique story based on the characters and settings of the world, and upload it to be shared with other users. Users can also create and upload their own stories, and share them with their friends. The 65m series also includes in-built audio and visual effects to help bring your stories to life.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of the 65m series is the ability to collect and show off a variety of different collectibles. You can collect and show off new clothing pieces, hairstyles, and accessories, as well as a variety of creatures. You can also collect and show off furniture, props, and even entire worlds – just like in the physical world. You can also share your collection with your friends or even trade items with them, creating a thriving community of collectors.


In addition to the digital world, the Genies series also allows users to purchase physical items to commemorate their digital adventures. You can buy posters, t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise featuring your avatar, as well as worlds and creatures from the game. You can also buy physical versions of your avatar, which you can move around and customize just like you would in the digital world.


The Genies 65m series from Dapper Labs offers a unique and creative way to express yourself and explore new worlds. From customizing avatars to unlocking new worlds and collectibles, the Genies 65m series has something for everyone. With its seamless integration with physical merchandise, the Genies 65m series offers you an experience that is fun and exciting, no matter your age. So, why wait? Get creative and explore the world of Genies 65m today. 

Related FAQ’S: 

Q: What is the Genies 65m series?

A: The Genies 65m series is a virtual world developed by Dapper Labs for those seeking creative alternatives to traditional formats. It includes 8 different worlds with a wide variety of activities, from customizing your avatar to playing games and unlocking collectibles. 

Q: What can I do in the Genies 65m world?

A: You can do a variety of activities in the Genies 65m world. You can customize your avatar, play games and activities, create and share stories, collect unique items, and even purchase physical merchandise. 

Q: Is there a cost associated with playing Genies 65m? 

A: The Genies 65m series is free to play, but some activities in-game may cost money. There may also be a cost associated with purchasing physical merchandise related to the game. 

Q: Is the Genies 65m series suitable for all ages? 

A: Yes, the Genies 65m series is suitable for all ages. There are a wide variety of activities to keep users of all ages entertained, from customizing avatars to collecting items. 

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