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Know When is the Right Time to Call a Backwash Pool Expert

From pressure problems to leaking valves, several issues are associated that may indicate a quick backwash pool service. After all, you won’t wish your pool to stay at rest during the fresh summer months. It could be the time to change the filters, treat them with bleach, or it may need a full-fledged vacuum. You will not be disappointed to see how much grime and dust in your pool can collect during the whole span of winter months. Additionally, pools covered with a tarp also catch more slime, dirt, and algae. 

Without any doubt, the pool filters also collect these contaminants and even lead to malfunction at times. So today, we are here with a quick blog that showcases all the signs that indicate a pool filter service. 

What Basically is a Backwash Pool Service? 

If your pool has a poor filtration system or it has caught pollutants in the main drain and bottom area, certainly, getting it inspected and repaired by a professional is the best thing you could do. The water pumping through the filters nimbly removes the debris, bacteria, and dirt. As a result, clean water flows through the pipe and returns to the pool via return wall jets. Now why experts practice pumping or backwashing the pool is because your pool turns out to be dirt free. 

Normally, there are three primary filter types: 

  • A sand filter is nothing but a tank filled with sand. Well positioned lateral pipes at the bottom scatter water even through the sand to catch debris.
  • A cartridge filter has those big sheets made with folded paper and polyester cloth that catches the debris. Some filters work well with multiple cartridges, while others may need a single cartridge to work. 
  • Lastly, DE filters that normally use eight to ten filter grids covered in Diatomaceous Earth powder trap the debris and dirt. 

Know When You Need to Consider a Backwash Pool? 

If you know that a pool filter working improperly can be a great health hazard for health users, you would also know that impurities lead to constant wear and tear cracks. A backwash repair expert will make sure that the filters attached to the pool are working in the finest condition and no other swimming pool problems are making things worse. 

Another sign that indicates your pool needs thorough backwashing is when the filter begins to show problems with the pressure. For example, problems may rise too rapidly or too slowly. Or even the filter may start to blow out dirty water back or just experience a major leak crack. The broken laterals, tank failure, valve leakage, loud noises, valve failure, or even uneven pressure changes are other common problems that may come to your notice. So, watch out for these signs and make sure that you call the expert just at the right time. 

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