adding indiastack apis osssrinivasan

Adding Indiastack Apis Osssrinivasan

Adding IndiaStack APIs: What You Need to Know


IndiaStack is a set of APIs developed in India to make it easier for developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to develop digital products and services. These APIs have been developed with the aim to solve the challenges faced by India’s vast and varied population and to ultimately increase efficiency, transparency, and innovation. The APIs allow developers to easily build products, services, or solutions that are governed by Indian government and financial regulations, or that require authentication or authentication with Aadhaar.

What is IndiaStack?

IndiaStack is a set of APIs that provides access to the largest repository of consumer assets on the planet – India’s National Digital Identity (NDI). It consists of over a billion consumer records and provides access to services such as electronic payments, Aadhaar-based authentication, Aadhaar-based payments, and others. IndiaStack acts as a platform to build digital products and services by leveraging uniquely Indian consumer assets.

What are the Advantages of IndiaStack?

IndiaStack is an integrated platform for developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to create digital products and services with trusted identity authentication. 

Some of its advantages are as follows:

  • Lowered regulatory and compliance costs – IndiaStack makes it easier for developers, entrepreneurs and businesses to adhere to Indian compliance standards by providing a secure and unified platform.  
  • Increased transparency and trust – With the authentication provided by IndiaStack, users of digital products and services can be sure that their data is secure and only accessible by trusted entities.  
  • Accelerated innovation – IndiaStack lowers the cost and risk of market entry by providing access to India’s National Digital Identity repository and other services. This allows new solutions to develop faster and with lower cost.  
  • Increased reach – IndiaStack enables efficient access to consumers across India, allowing entrepreneurs, business, and developers to establish larger footprints and expand their markets.

What are the IndiaStack’s APIs?

IndiaStack has several APIs, which provide access to different services. These include:

  • Aadhaar API – is an API that enables secure Aadhaar-based authentication services.  
  • eKYC API – allows developers to access user KYC details that have been verified with the help of Aadhaar.  
  • eSign API – easily send and receive digitally-signed documents securely over one interface.  
  • USSD API – is a service that allows developers to send and receive Short Message Service (SMS) messages to and from customers in India.  
  • Bank Account Linking API – allows developers to securely link customers’ bank accounts with digital services.  
  • IMPS API – facilitates inter-bank payments in India.  
  • UPI API – enables payments using Unified Payments Interface (UPI). 

Adding IndiaStack APIs to OSSRINIVASAN

If you are an entrepreneur, developer, or business looking to build products and services for the Indian market, you have to consider IndiaStack APIs to stay competitive. IndiaStack’s APIs makes it easy to integrate identity authentication, payment processing, and other services into your applications.

OSSRINIVASAN, a powerful open source platform for product and service development, can easily integrate IndiaStack APIs for identity authentication, payment processing, and other services. Here, we’ll outline the steps needed to add IndiaStack APIs to OSSRINIVASAN.

Step 1: Log into Your OSSRINIVASAN Account

In the OSSRINIVASAN dashboard, select the “Add API” option.  

Step 2: Search for IndiaStack APIs

On the “Add API” page, search for “IndiaStack”. A list of IndiaStack APIs will appear.

Step 3: Select the Desired IndiaStack API

Select the IndiaStack API you wish to add to your project and click “Add”.

Step 4: Integrate IndiaStack API into Your OSSRINIVASAN Project

Once you have selected the IndiaStack API, follow the instructions on OSSRINIVASAN’s integration guide to integrate the API into your project. 

Step 5: Activate IndiaStack API

Once the IndiaStack API is integrated into your project, you will need to activate it by logging in with your IndiaStack authentication credentials.

Step 6: Test Your Integration

Once the API is activated, you can test its integration into your project.


Q. Is IndiaStack secure?
A. Yes, IndiaStack is a secure platform for developers and businesses to develop digital products and services. Aadhaar-based authentication is employed to ensure that only trusted entities can access user data.

Q. Can I add IndiaStack APIs to OSSRINIVASAN?
A. Yes, you can easily add IndiaStack APIs to your OSSRINIVASAN project by following the steps outlined in this article.

Q. What benefits does integrating IndiaStack APIs into my app provide?
A. Integrating IndiaStack APIs into your application provides advantages such as lowered regulatory and compliance costs, increased trust and transparency, accelerated innovation, and increased reach.


Let’s say you want to create an app that requires authentication and payment processing with Aadhaar. You can use IndiaStack’s APIs to integrate these services into your OSSRINIVASAN project in the following steps:

  1. Log into your OSSRINIVASAN account and select the “Add API” option. 
  2. Search for “IndiaStack” and select the desired API. 
  3. Follow OSSRINIVASAN’s integration guide to integrate the IndiaStack API into your project. 
  4. Activate the API using your IndiaStack authentication credentials. 
  5. Test your integration and launch your app.

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