10 Things You Can Do To Deal With Upstairs Neighbors Stomping

10 Things You Can Do To Deal With Upstairs Neighbors Stomping

Our home should allow us to rest properly after a long and tiring day, and we know how annoying upstairs neighbors stomping can be following a stressful day, which is why in this blog, we are going to help you out in solving that problem.

Below, we are going to list down some of the many and most effective things that you can do to deal with the annoying upstairs neighbors stomping

10 Things You Can Do To Deal With Upstairs Neighbors Stomping 

  • Ask Your Neighbors To Stop Stomping 

Well, you can always start with the most foreseeable option and the most effective one, which is to simply ask your neighbors to stop stomping. We know it’s a long shot, but there’s nothing wrong in trying this one, considering that going with this one can help you out a lot in saving money and time. 

How to start the conversation?

You can simply start by knocking on their door when they’re home and talk to them about what you can hear downstairs. From the things that you can hear to the annoying stomps that you can hear from time to time, just try to be calm and kind when you’re telling them what you’re going through and how it’s annoying for you when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep or when you’re trying to rest. 

  • Watch TV 

If you’re too shy or scared to confront your noisy upstairs neighbors stomping, then you need to come up with ways that would allow you to easily tackle the annoying issue.

One of the best things that you can do to deal with your annoying upstairs neighbors stomping is to simply watch TV. 

All you have to do is play something that you love and turn up the volume. This can help you get rid of the annoying sounds their stomping is making. Not only that, it also helps you avoid the confrontation part, which can get pretty ugly if your upstairs neighbors are not willing to listen to what you’re going through when they’re making the noise.

  • Inform The Owner Of The Building 

If you’re renting out the place, it is likely that they are renting out the place too, which is why you need to inform the owner of the building to step in and help you out so you can get rid of the problem in a more civilized way. 

The owner can inform the management team so they can handle the situation properly.

The management team can then talk with your annoying and noisy upstairs neighbor to do something about their stomping because it’s affecting other people that are living under their place. Not only that, but they are likely to listen to the owner of the building because, you know, they’re the ones who own the building. 

  • Soundproof Your Apartmnet 

If you’re willing to spend money to have a permanent fix for such problems, then you want to soundproof your apartment. Remember, this can cost you a lot of money, particularly if you have a pretty huge apartment, which is why you need to thoroughly think about this one. 

In case you have, then continue reading.

Adding acoustic panels to your ceiling and walls can help you out a lot in blocking every noise that your annoying upstair neighbors are creating. This can allow you to enjoy your alone time in a way that you have never done before. 

  • Involve The Authorities 

If you’ve talked to them, have informed the owner of the building or the management, and have done other things but they are still not cooperating, then getting the authorities involved can help you out in solving this issue.

All you have to do for this one is call the authorities and tell them what you’ve been going through. Try to be calm and make sure that they understand how annoying the neighbors are to you. Not only that, but if you’ve have informed the owner of the building or the management, and have done other things, you want to tell them about those too. 

Remember, you have to keep in mind that you can register a noise pollution complaint without revealing your identity. The police are obliged to take immediate action even if you want to register the complaint without revealing your identity.

  • Set A Deal With Your Neighbors 

If you can’t make them agree on everything that you want, then strike a deal that would make them happy.

For example, set have a middle ground where you both can agree on things that are annoying. You can tell them to avoid making sounds after a certain time of the day because you’re tired and you want to get some decent sleep to get ready for the next day. 

Tip: Just try to stay calm and allow them to understand your citation, especially if you’re living with a baby. 

  • Wear Headphones When They’re Too Noisy 

If they’re too noisy during the afternoon of your day-off, then wearing headphones can do a lot of things for you.

Remember, sometimes adjusting to what they’re doing, despite it being annoying, is the best thing that you can do to keep the problem at bay. You have to keep in mind that sometimes, your plan can backfire and it can make things worse for you, which is why if the noises that they’re making are minimal, just find a way to avoid them. 

Here are some of the many things you can do to avoid their small noises:

  • Watch TV
  • Listen to music
  • Wear headphones 
  • Do some dishes
  • Move to the other room 

Please do note that these are just some of the many things that you can do to avoid their noises.

  • Start Making Noises 

Sometimes, giving someone a taste of their own medicine is the best thing that you can do to make them realize how wrong they are. 

If they’re simply doing it to annoy you, then it’s time to get some things to annoy them.

Once they start making noises, get a long wooden stick and cover its end with some thick clothing and start hitting that on your ceiling. Remember, don’t do it too hard because you might end up damaging your own ceiling. 

Note: if you have wooden ceiling, don’t do it cause this plan might backfire and could end up in you spending money on ceiling repairs. 

  • Time To Sue

The best thing about living in a democratic country is that you can sue someone for making your life miserable.

Remember, if your neihbor is constantly producing noises that are way beyond your tolerance level, then you have the complete right to file a legal complaint against your neighbor in court.

Can you win? Hell, Y-E-S, but you will need proof to back up your claims and a pretty decent lawyer.

If you are living in the United States of America, your neighbor might end up paying anywhere from $2,500 to $7,500 for simply being too loud and for disturbing you. 

  • Time To Find A New Place

If you’ve had enough of the sounds that your annoying upstair neighbors have been making and no other option has worked out for you, then  moving out or finding a new place to peacefully live in is the best option for you.

We know this decision is pretty tough to make, especially if you have been living in that place for some time now and it has some of the best memories of your life. 

The thing is, you have to move on and find a new place so you can get some proper rest and have a decent alone time after a long or tiring day. 


We know how it feels like being in this situation, which is why we want you to think everything properly and thoroughly before making any final decision. We would recommend you to take things slowly instead of jumping right into suing or moving out of your apartment. Try to talk things out and try to be calm when approaching them. Remember, the better and bigger person you will be in this situation, the better the outcome will be for you. 

Did we miss out on anything above? Let us know what we missed out by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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